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Adopted: Buddy, a 6 month old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Buddy, a 6 month old male black Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Buddy is a playful puppy, full of energy. He loves toys, especially his tennis ball. He enjoys tug of war, bones, treats and fetch. He shows interest in other people and animals. He warms up to people upon meeting. He has a lot of love and kisses to give! He is adjusting to his new environment including his crate and walking on leash. He may bark or whine when excited. He rides well in the car and is sleeping overnight in his crate. As long as he is provided with adequate and frequent time outside, he does not have accidents indoors. Buddy is working on learning the command “off” to not jump on people, and like any puppy, needs to work on his manners. Some sounds or new objects may spook him as he is adjusting to a new environment. He had recent surgery to be neutered and rear dew claws removal and is healing well, no issues. With time, structure and boundaries, Buddy will make a wonderful companion for an active family. "

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Adopted: Piper, a 2 year old Female Chocolate Labrador

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Adopted: Piper, a 2 year old Female Chocolate Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Piper is a very special Lab in the LVLR family. When she came to the rescue, we soon discovered she had some issues with her teeth, requiring extra time and research to find the best course of medical care to ensure a long and happy life. Through x-rays we soon learned Piper had an impacted lower canine tooth that had never grown in properly, that was actually underneath the roots of her other teeth. This situation called for an extraordinary canine dental expert, and after a good deal of research and interviewing, we found the right specialists in Arizona, Canine Dental Specialists, Dr. Alex Adrian. Two board members for LVLR then took Piper to Phoenix for her surgery, and while it was complicated and detailed, she was in the very best medical hands. We are so very happy that it went well, and Piper is 100%! She's missing a few teeth, but now lives a pain free life.

As for Piper herself, she is a beautiful, smaller Lab with the glorious disposition and energy you would expect from a 2 year old! Although always good to go, she is just as happy curling up next to us watching TV or reading a book, and loves to lie in the sun while I am working at my computer. She gets along very well with my dogs and quickly became part of the pack. Piper is happy, confident and likes to think she can be the leader of the pack. Don't know how she might behave with cats.

She's not a chewer although an odd sock has gone missing with remnants appearing later in a more digested form. She likes toys but tends to shred the flimsier ones, so hard rubber toys are best. She loves to fetch also. No interest in the swimming pool even when the weather was warmer and one of my other dogs would go in. She is a counter surfer and only thanks to her petite size is unable to get food from the kitchen counter unless it's right at the edge. Dining room table is definitely within her access, though, and she will need some eyes-on supervision until she learns what's off limits.

Piper only barks when appropriate, isn't spooked by loud noises (such as New Year's Eve fireworks), and will happily go into a crate although I haven't needed to crate her for months, other than briefly after her dental surgery.

Like any puppy, she needs training - to reinforce what she already knows (a few basic commands), to add manners and to polish the rough edges that come from too much puppy enthusiasm. She walks okay on a leash with a slip collar, but heeling is still elusive! When she meets new people, she tends to jump up onto them, and we are working on this too.

Piper's got just the right balance of lovey little delicate girl (who lies with paws crossed!) and bouncy beach combing leaping, jumping Labrador! She will become a magnificent adult and would love nothing more than to grow with an equally wonderful family.

Because of the very special dental surgery Piper needed when she came to the Rescue, which was made possible the generous contributions of our supporters and fund-raising partners, she will be participating in a corporate charity event later in February to showcase how those funds saved Piper's life. Her lucky adoptive parents will need to agree to allow Piper to participate in this event under the control and supervision of the Rescue. Details will be made available to potential adopters who are interested in Piper."

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Adopted: Luke, a 2 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Luke, a 2 year old Male Yellow Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"This handsome boy Luke has stolen our hearts with his sweet kisses and tail wags. He is a curious and playful young Labrador that enjoys the simple things in life like bones and ear scratches. He loves to play with other dogs and does well on a leash. He is full of energy and very active. He has no problem going in his kennel when necessary and has quickly learned to use the dog door to go to the bathroom, we have not had any accidents to date! He has shown great interest in our cats and has enjoyed chasing them as he thinks it’s a fun game. Luke appears to have some difficulty trusting, seems to favor women when bonding, taking time to relax and feel comfortable in a new surrounding. We are confident that with a lot of love and patience he will grow to adore every member of the family."

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Adopted: Riley, a 4 year old Yellow Female Labrador

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Adopted: Riley, a 4 year old Yellow Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Riley is a great dog who loves people and would get along great with any family. I love having her around! She is fully house trained, does not jump on people and rarely barks. In fact, I’ve maybe hear her bark once since I’ve had her. She knows some basic commands and is pretty good on the leash. Off leash she is responsive and has pretty good recall. Riley can be very active and adores playing fetch, but she can be comfortable sitting around at home on occasion as well. I don’t have any other pets at home, but at the park, she is cordial with other dogs, but would much rather play with you. She would make a wonderful addition to any family that is active and able to spend time outside with her daily.""

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Happy Tail: Jojo (Formerly Josie)

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What a wonderful start to 2018, with an incredible Happy Tail.

"We got Jojo aka Josie in September 2017 - she was approximately ten months old. I know we have only had her almost four months but we cannot imagine our life without her.

Boy - did I forget how much a puppy can change your life! She still forgets that she cannot jump on everyone that walks in the door and her mouthiness is reducing. She is no longer jumping on counters, she had a few accidents in the house during the first two weeks, she quickly learned potty goes outside. She loves her squeaky toys and when she is excited we get squeak serenades. I realized quickly that if she is not exercised then she finds things like pulling tissues out of wastebaskets and collecting our socks from our hamper and carrying them in her mouth is her way of telling us that she needs physical exercise. Although Jojo gets a little mischievous, she is a wonderful dog over all.

She is a chaser! She chases anything that moves and flies such as birds, butterflies, flies, bees, lizards, and rabbits. She loves our yard and thankfully she is not destructive. She likes to carry and moves things around and that is okay. Thankfully she does not have destructive behavior, we do have not had to worry about excessive chewing or digging. We had experienced some rat visits and she successfully has shown us where to focus our attention and because of her help, two rats were captured. We also have a ground squirrel problem so I am sure some day she will be extremely effective in protecting our garden! I just don't know what I will do when she actually catches a bird, squirrel or even a bee? She has trapped a quail but my mom was able to help the quail escape, for the most part I believe the birds just know to stay away when they see her! We have twenty two fruit trees and two garden beds - so I am sure the spring will bring lots of fun for her.

We no longer kennel her at night. She has a bed on my side of the bed. Currently she does not have full reign of the house during the day as we have a grumpy old lady , Gracie, our 15 year old Daschund Terrior mix. Jojo insists that Gracie play with her and Gracie insists that she will not! Because she loves to roll around in dirt (most of our back yard is dirt) so she is not allowed on our couches but she is allowed on two ottomans and an old black recliner. She loves her bear, well it's actually a monkey, but it took me several weeks to realize that it was a monkey and not a bear. She is gentle with her bear monkey and carries it everywhere she goes in the house. She is gentle and is intrigued by babies, gentle with the elderly and knows she can be playful with the kids.

I look forward to my retirement in approximately 10 months to spend more time with my fur baby and future gardening friend. We are in love with her and her puppy antics just make her fun! Thank you to the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue for your hard work!

Sylvia and Mark"

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