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Adopt Me: Fowler, a 2-3 year old Male Chocolate Labrador

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Adopt Me: Fowler, a 2-3 year old Male Chocolate Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a bio from his foster family:

"Fowler is a work in progress! This handsome fella is super loving and affectionate, and really enjoys his humans. He's energetic, athletic, big and strong. Fowler is a Lab that doesn't quite understand his own size & strength, and we're working on teaching him appropriate behaviors. He plays like a 6 month old puppy, in a full sized body. He gets the zoomies 2-3 times a day, overly excited and mouthy. While typical behavior expected in a puppy, we're working on directing that energy positively as he's a big boy. In a few ways, Fowler is still very much a happy, goofy puppy. He's learning what he can/can't chew on (loves a blanket!) and mostly sticks to allowed toys. Fowler is very smart, with a strong drive for direction & work. He's getting better at heeling and walking on leash, knows 'sit', and is house trained. He's getting pretty good with the doggie door too! Fowler loves his naps, loves to chase a ball, and gets along with other dogs. We have no idea how he'd be with smaller animals, and while he'd love children, he doesn't know his own strength and could easily knock a little one down in his excitement. Fowler also seems to prefer 'human' food, and doesn't eat like a typical Lab. He's getting better realizing that the counter is not for him, but still takes his time eating his own meal.

Where Fowler needs work is being in the crate. He is not happy to be crated, preferring to be out. He gets himself overly excited and vocal when he's crated, and can bust out if not properly secured. We are working on teaching him the crate is a safe place, but it will take time and patience to build of his confidence with crating.

Fowler will need a strong leader to continue training and providing a safe, secure environment. He wants to please, and would do great with professional training. Fowler really is a big love, wanting to snuggle with people and be near them. While he has a bit to go, Fowler will make an amazing companion for a family committed to continuing his training, and providing a happy, active life. "

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