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Adopted: Dixie, a 4-5 year old Female Chocolate Labrador

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Dixies does well with most of her basic commands, “sit, stay, down, off, wait…”. She walks well on the leash, but does pull. She is very strong and can lose focus when walking her in an unfamiliar environment. Her recall using the “come” command works when she is not distracted. She is potty trained and has had no accidents during her time with us. She learned to use the doggy door, but prefers to be let out through the actual door. She loves to eat and will let you know if she thinks it is time.  

Dixie does well with other dogs, choosing to ignore most other animals when on walks. She has been great with our male Labrador and will politely let him know if he is out of line. We are not sure about how she reacts to cats or other small animals, but did not seem to notice or care about the rabbits and birds on her walks. She would do well as a watch dog as she does bark at strange sounds. She is a little bit reserved when something is new to her, but after she is able to investigate, she quickly overcomes any apprehension. She will tolerate the crate, but there was really no need for it as she is so well behaved. She did not show any interest in swimming, but loved bath time, especially the towel dry.  

Dixie is truly a loving family and companion dog. She seeks love and attention and really just wants to be around people. She could benefit with some minor reinforcement of her basic training and being food motivated, this would be easy. Because she is so well behaved, she would do well, as she is in most situations. She is not overly active and definitely loves to just relax. She would a be great fit for any home, including those with children and other dogs."

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