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Adopted: Remme, a 1 year old Female Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Remme, a 1 year old Female Yellow Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Remme has not been with us long, but we can see such potential in this beautiful girl. Like most 1 year old Labs, Remme has a lot of energy, happiest when chasing a ball or swimming. She already knows a few commands, like sit, heel, down, but is easily distracted. She does well in a kennel, is calm on a car ride, and seems to be house-trained. Remme is very affectionate and adores belly rubs! Her coloring is unique, with a gorgeous fox red coat, darker than most yellow Labs. As she's still in her puppy stage, she's also mouthy, is learning boundaries with other dogs, and needs to work on her people manners. As Remme is becoming more comfortable here, she is blossoming into a wonderful, loving Labrador.
Remme would thrive with an active family, one that will give her the time, structure and boundaries for her to mature into the Lab she's meant to be. She will make an awesome furry family member to the right family that is willing to show her love, patience and security. She has a high drive, and would make an excellent running partner. Families with young children should strongly consider the work and patience a Lab like Remme needs before requesting a meeting.
We have high hopes for Remme, she's a gorgeous, loving Lab."

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Happy Tail: Bo

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We are always so thrilled to receive Happy Tails on LVLR alumni. This Happy Tail is among one of the funniest, most loving we've ever read!

"Nine months ago, we got a Bo. He was a high strung wild guy, that clearly never really had a place to call home. We hoped to change that. At first, the odds were stacked against us. Not only did we get a Bo, we also got a Stealer of Sandwiches, a Chewer of Shoes, an Escaper of Houses, a Jumper of Walls, a Barker at Randomness, a Surfer of Counters, a Lunger at TVs, and a Whiner of Early Mornings. BUT after time, love, patience, more patience, a bit more patience, and LOTS of walks, I’m thrilled to announce we have also have Learner of Manners, a Sleeper of Couches, a Protector of Houses, a Lover of Walks, a Snuggler of Closeness, a Player of Friends, a Master of Games, a Maker of Smiles, and a Stealer of Hearts. Most importantly though, he’s become a Knower of Home and finally knows where he belongs…right here…with us. Welcome home, Bo. We love you!"

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Adopted: Josie, a 6 month old Female Black Labrador

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Adopted: Josie, a 6 month old Female Black Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Josie is a very energetic little girl as most puppies are. She loves to be around people and follows me all over the house. Josie loves to play. She pulls all the toys out of the toy box. She gets along great with other dogs. She really don’t like going in the kennel but once she is in there for a short time she calms down and goes to sleep. She should be kenneled when home alone as she gets into things. We are working on potty training. Josie loves going for walks and is pretty good on the leash. She also loves going for rides in the car, getting on the couch and sleeping in the bed with me. Overall, Josie is a good dog and will make a great companion for someone who is willing to train her. She is very special and will make a fantastic addition to any family. If you have small children, under 10, in the home, please carefully consider before requesting a meeting with Josie and make sure a puppy is a good fit for your home."

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