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Adopted: Lucy, a 4 month old Female Black Labrador

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Adopted: Lucy, a 4 month old Black Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Lucy is a typical 4month old little Labrador. Puppies will be puppies and she does not disappoint. I’ve only had her a short time and she has already learned a lot. She knows the phrase “go potty” and will go pretty much on command, but occasionally just can’t get out the door quick enough. She does ok with the crate but would much rather be in your lap. She is getting to know the doggie door, but mine is a bit too big for her little tiny body just yet. I have no doubt though that she is a quick learner. We are working on “sit, lay down and stand up”. . . but have a ways to go of course. She loves to be held and carried. . . . just like a little baby. If MY Labrador would permit it (he’s being a real brat) she would love to play with him. She is fascinated with birds and saw a cat yesterday that she would have loved to play with. . .it was so close to her size! Lucy is just adorable and will quickly melt your heart. She will do well with someone who will cuddle with her, yet be firm in her training. She’s a little shy with people that she doesn’t know, but warms up once she has assessed their intent. Lucy is going to be a great addition to someone’s life! "

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Adopted: Little Bear, an 11 month old Male Chocolate Labrador

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Adopted: Little Bear, an 11 month old Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Little Bear is a beautiful young boy with lots of energy. He is good in the kennel but needs some coaxing to go in it. We are working on potty training with only 2 accidents in the house. He learned quickly to use the doggie door. He loves going for walks but needs some training. Little Bear loves to play, he likes to fetch and then play hard to get. Overall, Little Bear is a great dog and will make a great companion for someone who is willing to take the time to train him."

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