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Adopted: Remi, a 1 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Remi, a 1 year old Male Yellow Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"While Remi has only been with us a few days, we know he's sweet & affectionate, very responsive to training, and needs work on a leash. Please stay tuned for a full bio from his foster family."

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Happy Tail: Dudley

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What an beautiful Happy Tail we received from Dudley's family.

"We are SO grateful to have adopted Dudley!! This little angel (you can see where his wings were) has given US so much love and support after unexpectedly losing our 9 year old Lab Harry to post op complications Labor Day.

We were told Dudley arrived from a Utah shelter then into the foster moms home. He spent 6 weeks with her, then came to live with us. We suspect Dudley is leery of LONG car rides, as each has resulted in a new home.

We drove him to our CA home this week. He trembled in the car for the first hour. Upon arriving, he discovered that house smelled familiar so he relaxed. He met most of the neighborhood and had a play date with another dog. Another car ride (with another hour of trembling) we returned to Vegas and witnessed pure elation and joy in Dudley's face when he realized he was "home" again. I am including him on frequent errands to show him all roads lead home.

He has captured our hearts AND the middle of the bed every night. He's one terrific snuggler.

Dudley is microchipped, has 3 contact numbers on his name tag and wears a gps tracker, ok, overkill since he's generally within a 10 foot reach. We're not taking ANY chances. We're clueless how this sweet and lovable guy ended up in a shelter, but are thankful he made his way into our lives. Sorry Dudley, now you're stuck with us your ENTIRE life. ♡ you baby boy!!! Mama and Daddy

aka Karen S and Jay A."

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Happy Tail: Tyson (Formally Duke)

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We love receiving these stories from our adoptive families. Here is a wonderful update on Tyson, formally Duke.


We wanted to send you out a Happy Tail on Tyson. When we adopted him he was called "Duke". He has since been named Tyson, after Neil deGrasse Tyson the astrophysicist. My husband and Tyson's Dad - Greg, is an amateur astronomer so our dogs are all either named after stars or after people in the field. Tyson attended his first star party out at the visitors center on Mt Charleston recently. He enjoyed meeting all the people who came to look through the telescope and soaked up all the love and attention.He is such a sweet boy that people can't help but love him!

From the first day that he came to our house for the meet and greet we knew he was meant to be with us. His first night with us he followed us upstairs, jumped up on the bed and made himself right at home. We couldn't possibly love him anymore! He loves rides in the car but unlike other dogs he doesn't stick his head out the window. He likes to sit very calmly and quietly in the middle of the back seat and look out the windshield. It's adorable.

We are so grateful to have him as part of our family.

Greg and Penny M. "

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Happy Tail: Tank

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We received this wonderful update on Tank. Our greatest reward is sharing these amazing stories.

"Hello LVLR,

It's been about four months now since we adopted Tank. He really settled in quickly and made himself at home. He weighs 59 pounds so he's put on about three pounds since we got him and the red tint in his fur is pretty much all gone. Shortly after we got him, we noticed he would get extremely agitated if he saw someone, even us, walk by a window, or if he heard a strange noise like a cupboard door shutting, the refrigerator kicking on, or the sound of cooking spray being sprayed into a skillet. He would let out the "alarm howl" and become quite nervous. Probably just a bad experience he had. Anyway, after some positive reinforcement and comforting, he no longer lets out the howl when someone walks by the window and only occasionally does it when he's in the kitchen and his wagging tail bangs the side of the stove. (That's actually pretty funny to see him spook himself with his own tail).

We've been working with him regularly with his training collar, and he has become very obedient on and off the leash. He will sit ,come, stay, and lay down on command even when the two german girls (shepherds) next door are barking and trying to distract him. He sits before entering or exiting the house and he sits and waits for an "OK" before he eats. Tank took his first long trip to Colorado in July and we found he is a proficient traveler. He loves to have the wind in his face but lays down when told. He loved my folks property out in the country (five acres to play ball on and we was worn out every day).

As you might guess, he really took to the pool. After about three tries at getting him in with the leash, he fell in love with the water. In fact, if he's in the back yard with me, he's jumping in the pool whether we are in it or not. He loves to play ball in the pool and if we get him really wound up, he'll jump in at full speed and get 10 or 12 feet of air before splashing down. He's also very considerate of those who aren't in the pool as he'll exit the water and wait until he's right next to you to shake and cool you off, no matter where you are in the yard. LOL!

Also, Tank is a big fan of old western movies, especially if they have horses and cattle in them. He will literally jump up and down in front of the TV and whimper as if he want to play when horses or cows or any kind of animal is on the screen. He sat through two John Wayne movies with me and got excited every time he saw a horse.

I have attached a picture of him watching the baseball game with me last night. He likes to put his front paws over the arm of my chair and rest his head on my stomach and watch TV while getting his ears scratched. It's a nightly ritual with either me, my brother, or my nephew before bedtime. Incidentally, Tank's bedtime is 9:30pm and he lets us know with a stare and a gentle nudge that he's ready to go to bed.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you and I just wanted to let you know Tank is doing very well.

Scott N."

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Adopted: Logan, a 3 year old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Logan, a 3 year old Male Black Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Logan is a such a sweet dog. He is house broken and has not had one accident in my house. He has been calm and he is really great with kids. He likes to play fetch and he drops the ball really well. He gets a little nervous when he is put in his kennel, but he has been doing better going right in when we have to leave. He slept in our room last night he didn't make a peep! He doesn't bark often and he only pulled on the leash a little when we walked him. He will need a little training, but will definitely make a great companion or family pet. He rides well in cars, is very sweet, and knows a few commands."

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