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Adopted: Jack, a 6 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: Jack, a 6 year old Black Male Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Jack is a wonderfully sweet, affectionate dog, always looking to just be with the humans. He loves a good walk, chasing a ball, and even dipping his paws in the pool. He is comfortable in the crate or penned, house trained, and does well around other dogs and cats. He does like a good counter surf, and needs to be corrected jumping up, but he's very smart and eager to please. Jack would make a great companion for a more relaxed home, he's happiest just hanging out with his people. "


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Adopted: Ruger, a 4-5 year old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Ruger, a 4-5 year old Black Male Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Ruger is a very sweet, very smart little boy. He is happiest when someone is playing fetch with him, and he doesn’t care if it’s a ball or a rope toy, just as long as it is something that he can retrieve. He will always bring whatever it is, back to you and wait very patiently for you to throw it again. Unlike most Labs, he is not a “foodie”. When he eats his meal, I think that he might actually taste the food, and he could take or leave treats. He likes “some” treats, but is very picky about it and will never beg for one. The only vegetable that I’ve gotten him to eat, so far, is steamed broccoli (but cold) with salmon oil on it.

Ruger is very well trained in some areas, although the only basic commands that he knows are “sit” and “come”. He will always come when you call him, even if he knows that you are going to clean his ears, which he really does not like, but will still come to you and let you do it. He loves to go places in the car! He’ll get in and go right to the back seat and will usually lay right down and then he won’t get out until you tell him to, even if you’ve pulled into the garage, shut the door, and gotten out yourself.

He’s great on a leash, and once you have become his “person”, he
will guard you. When we are out on a walk, which he loves first thing in the morning, he will bark at anyone that he doesn’t know if they are coming towards you. If someone is on the other side of the street he will watch them carefully but only bark if they are on your side of the street. Once he sniffs them and they have met his approval, all is well. He does not get physically aggressive.

He loves to sleep on my bed, but is not a big snuggler. He doesn’t mind it, but will let you be the initiator. He really just wants you to rub his chest, and be near you, but doesn’t need to be touching you. Ruger does not like the crate, but will go in it and not destroy it to get out. A little crying and some howling might be involved however. He goes in and out of the doggie door easily.

Ruger apparently gets along with other dogs, although cats are another story. He won’t chase birds, he actually ignores them, but a cat is meant to be chased in his mind. He’s a true retriever.

Ruger is such a good boy!! He will make someone an incredible addition to their family. He will do well in a home with no cat and where he is truly part of a family or someone’s best friend. Someone that will take him with them on outings, to the Dog Park, etc. He’s easy to communicate with and needs both mental and physical exercise."

Please note: Ruger is recovering from an ear infection, and had some allergy issues when he came to LVLR. The change in climate, environment and food has had a positive effect on the allergies, and he should remain on grain-free food to prevent a recurrence.

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Happy Tail: Macy (formerly Simcha) and Dudley

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We received this phenomenal Happy Tail for Macy (formerly Simcha) and Dudley.

"Macy (was Simcha was Babs), adopted in December, has settled in with her brother Dudley, adopted a few months before, and is enjoying a life of leisure in her later years as she takes up swimming and sunbathing when not relaxing on the couch and keeping good company. Having passed through several owners and fosters, she is now quite content in her furever home."

We couldn't be happier for both of these LVLR alumni.

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Adopted: Nala, an 8 year old Female Chocolate Labrador

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Adopted: Nala, an 8 year old Female Chocolate Labrador, has found her forever home. Please read Nala's bio thoroughly before requesting to meet this special girl.

Here is a Bio from Her foster family……..

"Nala is an incredibly special, wonderful Lab that is looking for her perfect family. She has been in the care of LVLR since early January 2016, as it was discovered she needed surgery before being available for adoption. Nala has undergone a double TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) for her back legs, fixing what caused her pain, and has recovered exceptionally! She has been approved for adoption by both our LVLR Vet and Surgeon. With her surgery and recovery completed, the long term care recommendations are simple: keep her active. She loves daily walks, occasional runs, and that has been key to her recovery, and a must going forward.
Nala is a very sweet, loving girl. Don't let her stoic face fool you, she's just camera shy, and oh-so adorable when you meet her. She has such a gentle soul, and very affectionate with everyone. She gets along great with our 3 dogs, 2 cats and is good with children. She does loves to chase bunnies though! She likes to spend time laying on her bed, just being in the room with us, and is pretty quiet. Nala is a very strong dog, enjoying a pain-free life now. We take her for walks twice a day for leash training, getting better on the leash every day. She is very well behaved in the house, with excellent manners and calm demeanor. She is always very happy to see us in the morning and when we get home from work. She loves getting attention and having her belly rubbed. She also loves her treats and knuckle bones to chew on. Nala is going to be a great addition for a family that sees how truly awesome she is."

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