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Adopted: Bogo, a 1.5 year old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Bogo a a 1.5 year old Male Black Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

Bogo is a high energy, sweet Lab. He will need a committed, caring family willing to help him learn his manners.
Bogo is house trained, sleeps well in his kennel, and is good around other dogs. He doesn't quite play with our two, but that's because ours are aloof and disinterested to fosters anymore. He's a little scared on car rides, but that will improve with experience. Bogo really loves people, happy to snuggle and give kisses to anyone.
While Bogo is a year & a half old, he's still very much like a young puppy, needing to learn boundaries and structure. He's insecure, timid at first, and needs time to settle in and feel safe. When excited, he's very jumpy and mouthy. Shoes seem to be his favorite target so far, and we're teaching him what's acceptable to go in his mouth and what isn't. He's getting better walking on leash, and wants to please you. He's finally become comfortable enough to take naps in his kennel, on his own. He loves cuddling, and will be a great companion when he works through his insecurity and puppy traits.
Bogo is on his way to become the dog he is meant to be, he will need a family willing to continue training, have patience during his transition, and show him lots of love. For families with small children, Bogo would need an immediate commitment to training to help his transition and teach him proper behavior around little ones. Please keep that in mind if requesting a Meet & Greet. "

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Happy Tail: Brody (formerly Buddy)

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We received this heartwarming Happy Tail for Brody (formerly Buddy) from an LVLR volunteer!

"We adopted Brody Kane (f/k/a Buddy) on 06/02/2018. You may be asking, “who is Buddy? I never saw him posted as an “available lab.” If you are a volunteer with Las Vegas Labrador Rescue (LVLR), you may have an opportunity to meet a lab before s/he is even released for adoption. And we got lucky when we were able to help transport Brody from a shelter in UT to LVLR, and quickly learned on the car ride Brody was special. After being released from Vet care, we scheduled a meet & greet with Brody's foster family, and we fell in love. And you all should be very disappointed you did not have an opportunity to adopt Brody Kane. Let me tell you why...

We adopted Flynn (f/k/a Icing) on 07/03/2014 through LVLR. Shortly thereafter, Mommy became an “official” volunteer with LVLR. Flynn was everything we could ask for in a dog - he was cuddly, lovey, protective, and an amazing companion. However, Flynn is “Mommy’s dog.” Flynn follows Mommy around, spends the day working with her, and is rarely more than an outstretched arm away from Mommy. Flynn sleeps next to Mommy’s side of the bed every night, and she likes it like that.

But...we have two (2) young boys who wanted “their own dog.” We were hoping for a second dog that would prefer to hang out with our boys, take turns sleeping in our boys’ rooms, and be the “boys’ dog” in all respects. Despite the naysayers (they know who they are), during our “meet and greet” with Brody Kane, he followed the boys around and wanted to hang out with them, although he was very friendly with Mom and Dad. Brody Kane and Flynn played together and did remarkably well.

So...we did the only reasonable thing we could do– we adopted Brody Kane. Our boys named Brody Kane - Our oldest son selected the first name - Brody, which is Irish and means “From the muddy place.” Our youngest son selected Kane after Harry Kane, striker for Tottenham Hotspur and captain of the England national team (what can we say...we love football/soccer).

Brody Kane fits with our family perfectly, better than anyone could have predicted. Brody Kane alternates sleeping in each boys’ room every single night (at bedtime, he looks at Mom, inquiring as to which room he’s sleeping in, goes into his bedroom and plops down on his memory foam dog bed). Brody Kane follows both boys around, and he only hangs out with Mom and/or Dad when the boys are at school. Brody Kane loves to ride in the car with Mom to take the boys to school, although he cries when the boys get out of the car - it is so sweet. To say that the boys got “their dog” is an understatement. I can’t say who loves whom more - the boys or Brody Kane. And, Daddy got a dog out of the adoption, too. While Brody Kane loves the boys “the most,” Daddy is a close second and he could not be happier.

Brody Kane has also had a wonderful impact on our Flynn. Flynn is a bit of a nervous fellow but the very mellow Brody Kane has helped Flynn be brave and less nervous. Flynn, who hates car rides, has even voluntarily taken a ride in the car to take the boys to school (pre-Brody Kane, this would never have happened). Before Brody Kane, when Mommy traveled for the occasional work trip, Flynn would isolate himself from the rest of the family and wait for Mommy’s return. Now, Flynn hangs out with the family, although Daddy said it is apparent that he is listening for Mommy to arrive home. Brody Kane and Flynn are best friends - they play together and they will even eat off the same platter together (while being carefully supervised). Flynn happily shares his toys and treats from his monthly Bullymake box with Brody Kane.

When we adopted Flynn, we thought we had the best dog in the world. After adopting Brody Kane, we realized that we have the two (2) best dogs in the world. We love our Flynn (who we call “Puppy”) and Brody Kane (who we call “Baby Puppy”). Thank you Las Vegas Lab Rescue for completing our family, again."

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Adopted: Doug, a 4 year old Male Yellow Lab

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Adopted: Doug, a 4 year old Male Yellow Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Doug is a sweet lab with a great temperament, he is a lovable fluffy boy who sometimes forgets how big he is. He's always excited to meet new friends, whether they are people or other dogs. He gets along well with other dogs and hasn't met a person he doesn't like.

With a lot of energy Doug is fully housebroken, and he understands "sit" but is easily distracted by basically everything. He is a very big boy with a big heart to match, and is a great companion. He likes tummy rubs and splaying out on the floor. Doug is still working on his crate training, and needs to lose some weight. Doug will make a great addition to the right family committed to continuing his training and weight loss. Doug needs a family that understands his needs and are willing to be patient with his transition. "

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Adopted: Sammy, a 5 year old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Sammy, a 5 year old Black Female Labrador, who is looking for her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Sammie is a sweet, shiny black-coated Labrador Retriever. She is fully house-trained, knows to use the doggie door, and responds to many commands. She is well-behaved and knows her toys from her Pradas. She LOVEs to swim and will fetch a toy with gusto. She enjoys meeting new people and is good with other dogs. She is confident and curious and will go outside on her own and lie down in the back yard even if my other dogs aren't there. But she also enjoys being part of the pack and will always run with my two. She is not food-driven, she doesn't surf the counters, and doesn't beg for food at the dinner table. She has a very soft and easy mouth when she takes a biscuit or a piece of apple from my hand.

She will go into a crate, but needs to be coaxed with a biscuit.

Regrettably, Sammie may have received too much coaxing in her life, as she is a good bit heavier than her vet thinks is appropriate or healthy for a dog of her bone structure and age.

I am working with Sammie as when we walk, she pulls on the leash. But she wants to please and to learn, so I am sure she will get this part with a little more effort. Swimming and walking (not running) have been very good for her and she enjoys both.

Sammie is a great young lady and a sweet easy dog who will be a glorious addition to any home, especially one that will work with her over the coming months to get her weight down before-hand, so that she can then start to have a more active lifestyle befitting a 5 year old Lab."

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