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Adopted: Luna, a 10 month old Female Silver Labrador

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Adopted: Luna, a 10 month old Female Silver Labrador, found her forever home.

Here is a bio from her foster family:

"Luna is a total joy to have in our home. She's a happy, sweet, affectionate girl. Luna is very energetic, loves to chase a ball and play. As she's still a puppy, she's mouthy and likes to put all sorts of items in her mouth. She's learning 'drop it' and getting a little better returning items. She knows sit, and we're working on other commands. She is very much food motivated, is learning to take treats gently, and wants to be a counter surfer. Luna is very smart, curious and confident. She is eager to please, loves her humans, and will thrive with continued training.

Luna is doing well with crate training, rides calmly in the car, sleeps through the night and is mostly house trained. She's a really good natured dog for her age, and on the larger size for Labs. She doesn't realize how big she is, and when excited, can knock in to people. She gets along with other dogs, but we have no idea about cats. Luna isn't too interested in birds in the back yard, so she may be fine with small animals.

Luna needs continued work with jumping up on people, counter surfing and walking on leash. She is making improvements on both, families with small children should be committed to further training if interested in meeting Luna. Luna will be an amazing companion for an active family committed to regular exercise and continued training."

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