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Adopted: Rocky, a 2 year old Male Silver Labrador

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Adopted: Rocky, a 2 year old Male Silver Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Rocky (although he really answer to Nemo) is a super sweet, yet timid boy. He's good with other dogs, even allowing one of mine to take a treat from him with no reaction. He does well in a crate, sleeps through the night and seems to be house trained. He's uncomfortable around furniture, so he may have never been allowed up on a couch or similar. He doesn't play a lot, preferring to hang out with everyone.

Rocky will make a good companion for a relaxed family. "

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Happy Tail: Murphy (Formerly Deuce)

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Here's a wonderful update on Murphy (formerly Deuce).

"Hello Folks, 

Deuce is now MURPHY and is adjusting wonderfully. He is fitting in like he was always meant to be here. He has learned that the Dog Run is for him to go potty and he loves to play in the back yard. He has 3 favorite outdoor balls and an endless supply of toys inside. He just recently started to take naps in his crate during the day as we leave the door open for him to come and go and at night he gets locked in still. He walks great on his leash only pulls occasionally, he knows how to sit and is working on stay and does not run out the door. He only barks occasionally when he feels we need protecting. lol He has had 2 play dates and runs at top speed. Everyone that has met him has been so impressed with him and how calm he is for a puppy and how loving. We did take him early to get his right eye checked because it did look like it was irritated and the vet said he had a bit of an infection and put him on antibiodics. It is looking a lot better and is clearing up. He has an appointment with our regular Vet (Lone Mountain) for a follow up and to get established with them this week. He is truly a Blessing and we love him dearly. Thank you for rescuing Him and saving his life.

Lourdes "Lou" and Karen"

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Adopted: Grady, an 11 month old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Grady, an 11 month old Male Black Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from HISHER foster family……..

"Grady (although he doesn't answer to that name, he is responding to being called 'Skippy') is a sweet and adorable one-year old black Labrador. He was hit by a car and needed an FHO. Six weeks after his surgery, he is healing nicely, and his personality is just now starting to come out.  

Grady is gentle and very lovable. He is friendly and curious about everything. He loves petting and attention and likes to snuggle. He can be a little timid at first with new adults, but quickly loses that. He is learning to play with toys and even a little fetch. He absolutely loves kids, gets super excited, but not out of control.  He is still a puppy, but does not seem to chew on things, other than what has been given to him. He does like to gather things that are left unattended around the house and store them is his “area”. He makes a goofy face when he is scolded, but takes it well.    

Grady is still working on his basic commands and is eager to learn. In the last week, as his strength and energy have improved, we have started the learning process. He has learned “come”, “down” and “bed”. We have not pushed “sit” or even “wait” as he still needs to build some strength in his hind areas. He is crate trained, but in the last two weeks, has gradually been given free rein in the house. He is potty trained and has had zero accidents. He has learned to use the doggy door and loves the independence. He walks superbly on the leash, without pulling, staying next to you the entire time.  

Grady has done well with other dogs, including our four-year old black lab. He has benefited from having a more mature dog around to show him what is expected. He does not seem to have a prey instinct and did not chase the neighbor’s cats, the quail or any other small animals.  

Grady has been a very happy and well-behaved boy. He just keeps improving as he feels better each day. He has the makings of a great family dog. He is young and will take some time and patience as he has energy and will need an outlet for that. Grady will do well in any home, especially those with children and other dogs. This sweet boy is ready for a forever home.

Grady will have one more follow-up evaluation with his surgeon, to make sure he's still healing properly. Please keep that in mind if considering requesting to meet him. "

Grady currently has the maximum allowed meet requests, please watch for updates.

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